It’s hard to believe, but about 10 years ago, Atlanta’s soul, funk, true school hip hop, Afrobeat, and soulful house scenes operated largely independent of one another. For the most part, house heads kept to their baby-powdered dance floors, soul junkies gathered in their underground lounges, and B-boys and B-girls kept to their own rarefied circles.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of our ultra-wired, hyper-social era is that these barriers have been broken down. In art, music, film, activism, and on the dance floor, connecting kindred spirits has become the norm. Whether it’s DJ Kemit rocking the turntables, a live music set, a film screening, a photography or art exhibit, or a canned-food drive – we hope that your Spread Love experiences have inspired you to connect with someone or something, in some positive way.

When we set out to present Spread Love ten years ago we had a few specific intentions, but we had no idea how long Spread Love would last and what it would become. We also didn’t realize that you’d be so incredibly supportive. That’s why for this special 10th Anniversary season of Spread Love we decided to focus entirely on you – the music you love, the culture you celebrate, the visionary ideas you champion.

We hope you’ll continue to gather and communicate with us. Please tell us/post what you love/like about the events and experiences we present and promote. So far you haven’t been shy about telling us how we can improve… and we sure do hope you will continue to share your feedback and ideas.

We also hope you’ll take advantage of the 10th Season Discounts, Loyalty Card and Tell-A-Friend/Bring-A-Friend Perks we’ll be offering all year.

After all, this is a collaborative, communal thing we’re doing. It’s Spread Love.



Spread Love is a cultural movement based in Atlanta, but with an international outlook.

The mission of Spread Love is to entertain, engage and educate diverse audiences about the broad spectrum of music, film, design and artistic expression often overlooked and under-promoted in the mainstream.

Spread Love monthly events attract thousands of national and regional tastemakers, new and renowned artists, musicians, authors, filmmakers, designers, marketers who inform the content of the event series through social media conversations, and come together to celebrate and honor the contributions of music innovators and creators of House, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Afrobeat and more.

Spread Love musical tributes, art exhibits and film series have paid homage to music icons like Fela Kuti, J Dilla, Jean Michel Basquiat, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Minnie Ripperton, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Al Greene, Teddy Pendergrass, Roy Ayers, Eighties Boogie, “Golden Era” Hip Hop, Paradise Garage, Donny Hathaway, just to name a few.

While music is always the focal point, Spread Love events push the typical “nightclub-scene” envelop by featuring interactive art, spoken word, film screenings, panel discussions, and design exhibitions.

Go where the music takes you, and when you get there… SPREAD LOVE!